Kasey Grant Face Fucked Kasey Grant Abused
Kasey grant Gets Fisted
Kasey Grant Fucked On Facial Abuse

Kasey Grant was a whore that came to the Facial Abuse studio thinking she knew it all. She's been in a few videos and she honestly believed that she had the industry figured out. Maybe she actually has figured out the vanilla producers in LA, but the Facial Abuse boys aren't trying to make friends like those other clowns.

Kasey Grant started off taking her face fucking like a champ. She let the cocks of Bootleg and Harker slide down her throat like eels in underwater caves. She took each long dick down her throat, leaving a puke soaked mess all over the couch and floor, and she took their commands doing whatever they asked.

The action got a bit more extreme after a mid scene break. Duke Skywalker had noticed a Tweet that she sent from her phone in which she proclaimed that "I'm about to turn the tables on these Facial Abuse guys." It doesn't matter how smart a whore things she is. Nobody challenges Duke Skywalker while shooting a Facial Abuse scene, and gets away with it!

As the action continued, the crew made sure to smack her ass with whips and paddles, creating the first human tic-tac-toe board. As the welts got darker, the dicks went deeper. Her pussy was filled balls deep and her ovaries were consistently poked. The team took turns laying down smacks, spit, and her holes were pushed to the limit.

After the dicks left her snatch properly gaped, and her asshole nice and abused, they decided to see if her pussy could be used as a catcher's mitt. Her twat was stretched and as expected, a fist full of fingers invaded her shaved pussy. She yelped as she was filled up more than ever, and squealed as her labia was stretched tighter than a drum.

After her holes were used and abused, it was time to get creamed. This disobedient whore was sat down and three loads of sticky white cum splashed all over her face. To add to the insult, a spit storm ensued and the guys bombarded her with slaps. I am pretty sure that if she took away anything from this experience, it was that Duke Skywalker and the Facial Abuse crew bow down to no whore. Better luck next time, Kasey grant!

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